Sister Companies


A Filipino-owned mining company chaired by former Philippine Stock Exchange president, Felipe Yap. Its shares are publicly-listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Lepanto Consolidated Mining was incorporated in 1936 primarily engage in operating an enargite copper mine located in Makayan, Benguet. In 1947, the company went public and its shares were listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange under the symbol LC and LCB.

In 1997, the company shifted to gold bullion production through its Victoria and Teresa Project, which are also located at Makayan, Benguet. In 2000, Lepanto registered a copper flotation project in March 2000 but it was suspended until end of 2001 and eventually was cancelled in 2006. Lepanto sells its gold and silver production to Heraues Ltd. in Hong Kong. Its copper production are sold through Trafigura Beheer B.V. Amsterdam in New Jersey, USA; and Shanghang County Jinshen Trading Co. in Fujian, China.


SHIPSIDE, INCORPORATED is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LEPANTO CONSOLIDATED MINING COMPANY, incorporated in November, 1958. It is a service-oriented establishment located within the Port Area, City of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines.


DIAMANT MANUFACTURING AND TRADING CORPORATION, formerly known as Diamant Boart Philippines Inc., was established in 1972 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company. Since then, DIAMANT MANUFACTURING AND TRADING CORPORATION has won the trust of the biggest mining, construction, and mineral exploration companies, and the marble processors in the Philippines.

As partners in the mining, construction, and stone industries, DIAMANT MANUFACTURING AND TRADING CORPORATION has shown efficiency and know-how in these fields. Based on many years of experience, DIAMANT MANUFACTURING AND TRADING CORPORATION has developed tools and machines that may be used economically without harming the environment.


In 2011, the company ventured into another business project which is the Mine Development for Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company; to handle underground mine development works. Major work area includes development of production panels, ventilation airways, ventilation raise; raise bore station, diamond drilling station, and rehabilitation.

FSGRI was incorporated in July 1989 to engage in the mining business. FSGRI holds an MPSA over close to a thousand hectares of mineral land in Makayan, Benguet. Authorized capital stock of the Company is P1 billion with a paid-up capital of P435 million. Lepanto owns 60% of FSGRI's share capital.