LF 230

The largest of the LF™ series, the LF™230 not only provides more power to drill deeper, but also has 9 m rod pull capability for increased productivity.


LF 90D

The LF 90D surface coring drill is an advanced addition to the LF series featuring a telescopic and dump mast Making it ideal for truck or crawler mounting.


LM 90

The LM 90 is equipped with a 130kN feed frame for drilling deep underground holes. Capable of drilling holes in all angles from vertical up to vertical down. The drill uses electrical motor to power the hydraulics on the machine.


LF 70

The LF 70 is one of the most recognized small-format drills, is a flyable rig with a depth capacity of 700 m that can be assembled in less than an hour.


LM 55

The LM 55 is a compact drill rig for underground diamond coring. It is equipped with a 40kN feed frame for drilling short holes. The drill uses an electrical motor to power the hydraulics on the machine. 1.7m standard feed stroke.


Meter Eater


Kempe Pneumatic Drill Rig


Diamond Drilling Corporation of the Philippines has one of the country’s newest fleet of wire-line equipped, full hydraulic diamond drills, manned by technically competent personnel.

  • Full hydraulic underground drill rigs are three (3) Boart Longyear LM 90, three (3) LM 55a, four (4) Kempe Pneumatic Drill and one (1) Meter Eater short stub drill; while

  • Surface drill rigs include two (2) LF 90’s (skid & track mounted), two (2) LF 70’s (skid mounted), and one (1) LF-230 drill.


Diamond Drilling Corporation of the Philippines employs cost-effective methods and delivers competitive services in the industry which emcompass:

  • Diamond Core Drilling

  • Geotechnical Drilling & Soil Investigation,

  • Waterwell Drilling,

  • Reverse Circulation Drilling,

  • Geothermal Slim Hole Drilling,

  • Bored Piles,

  • Underground Mine Services,

  • Drilling and Grouting,

  • Drilling Consultancy,

  • Project Management.