Current Drilling Projects

  • • DDCP drilled more than 500,000 meters at Lepanto Mines and is still continuously drilling.

  • • The Mine Development Division of DDCP completed an estimated 40,000 meters ssince the start of its business in 2011. Major work areas include: development of production panels, ventilation airways, ventilation raise, raise bore station, diamond drilling station, and rehabilitation.

  • • DDCP’s Manila Mining Corporation surface drilling project produced more than 250,000m of core to client satisfaction.

  • • The Department of Energy (DOE) awarded to DDCP the Drilling Consultancy Services for Integrated Geoscientific Study prospecting geothermal projects in the provinces of Camiguin, Cagayan, and Palawan. The initial work phase started in late 2015, and the work study is expected to be completed late 2016.

  • • Early this 2016, DDCP commenced scheduled drilling operations for Lima Land Incorporated.