Presently, Diamond Drilling Corporation of the Philippines has eleven (11) working rigs at Lepanto Mine Site, three (3) BoartLongyear LM 90, three (3) LM 55 underground full hydraulic rigs and five (5) Pneumatic short stub rigs (Kempe, Meter Eater).

The LM 90 drill rig is a powerful and reliable rig with a drilling capacity up to 900m on a horizontal and clean hole. Compared to other drill machines, it has a 360m degrees turn table which can be easily swung into new bearings. It has also an improved hydraulic rod clamp in fail safe operation and bigger hydraulic cylinder for stronger pull out and put down operation. It has also a wider feed frame to stabilize carriage and to prevent too much vibration The LM 55 has a drilling capacity of 350m on a horizontal and clean hole.

These drill machines are electrically operated on a 440V 3 phase power, with an output of 90 KW and 55 KW respectively.

LMD SITE OPERATION (Mine Development)

In 2011, the company ventured into another business project which is the Mine Development for Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company; to handle underground mine development works. Major work area includes development of production panels, ventilation airways, ventilation raise; raise bore station, diamond drilling station, and rehabilitation.


Diamond Drilling Corporation of the Philippines also has drilling operations at Placer, Surigao del Norte for Manila Mining Corporation. Manila Mining Corporation is a copper-gold producing company and is also an affiliate company of Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company.